Building a Relationship

Scott Milligan w/ Voyageur and Milligan1 I feel like I really need to set up my account of my trip to Bayview Glen Independent School with a whole separate blog, so here we go:

The guy in the picture is Scott Milligan, a teacher at BGIS. He's also a student at the Canadian School of Lutherie embarking on his first full-fledged guitar-building project.

The CSL and 6SN have been on each other's radar for quite a while and they had a copy of the Six String Nation book hanging around the shop. One day, perhaps while waiting for some glue to dry or something like that, Scott noticed the book and started thumbing through it. The teacher part of him got inspired at that point to see about bringing me in to do a presentation at BGIS and the student part of him got further inspired to complete his first guitar, Milligan 1 (that's the one in his left hand, Voyageur's in his right) - a classic case of worlds colliding! So the trip to BGIS was also an occasion to get these two axes together and finally get to meet Jeremy Nicks from the CSL, who came to watch the whole thing.

So, now that you've met the inspiration behind the inspiration for my day at BGIS.... on to the next entry!

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