Glad to Be at Glanford with @GMSMavericks

Glanford staff and student players Glanford Middle School was just a short drive from Colquitz, which gave me plenty of time to stop at a terrific local market for a glass of house made kombucha and a perfectly contructed made-to-order roast beef sandwich on rye!

The way these presentations work is that I do my storytelling for almost an hour and then I take Voyageur out of its case to be played by one or more players from the school or community in what we call the "performance pocket". That pocket at standard length is about 8 minutes, which typically gives us time for 2-3 songs. There's almost always a person or two at every event who is willing to step up in front of an audience and give it their best shot but, occasionally, recruiting players from the staff or student body means helping potential players overcome some performance anxiety or outright stagefright. That was certainly not the case at Glanford! Students Owen, Jason and Liam and staff members Mark Atkins, Mark Leischner and Jenni Scott all stepped enthusiastically into the spotlight and we stretched the performance pocket out to 11 or 12 minutes to accommodate. If only it was this easy to get players at every event (see next blog post!)

Thanks to principal Louie Scigliano and all the staff and students at Glanford.

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