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Herb Davis in the Library of Parliament As students of the Six String Nation will know, Voyageur contains copper from the roof of the Library of Parliament - the iconic building that was the only one spared from the great fire the destroyed the rest of the buildings on Parliament Hill in 1916. There are two rings of copper around the rosette surrounding Voyageur's sound hole and two short strips accompanying the labradorite and moose shin on the third fret. One of my goals with the project is to eventually get the guitar back to all the places from which its materials originate. And yet - in spite of many trips to Parliament Hill since the guitar's completion in 2006 - I had never visited the Library of Parliament. And frankly, had Herb Davis (pictured) not suggested it on a whim following our trip to see the Dominion Carillonneur in the Peace Tower I likely would have missed it on this trip too!

There was an eerie quality to our approach as that is the hallway in which the shootout happened on October 22, 2014 between Michael Zehaf-Bibeau, Sergeant-at-Arms of the House of Commons, Kevin Vickers, and RCMP Constable Curtis Barrett after Zehaf-Bibeau had murdered Corporal Nathan Cirillo at the nearby Tomb of the Unknown Soldier. There are still bullet marks in the stone and on the doorway to the Library.

Once inside the Library, the feeling changed dramatically. It is the most glorious and serene environment and the acoustics are extraordinary. Designed by Thomas Fuller and Chilion Jones and inspired by the British Museum Reading Room, the flying buttresses, double-wythe masonry and focussed lighting make you feel like you're in another world entirely. I couldn't help but quietly strum just one chord so the sound of Voyageur would enter that space and return the gift the building gave us back in 2005.

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