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My name in... From Vista Hills it was a short drive (with time for a coffee stop) to my second school of the day, Abraham Erb Public School. And what a welcome! There was my name on the marquee out front. There was a parking spot right by the front door with name on the pylons. A sign on the door welcomed me by name and two students came out with signs to guide me to the library where the presentation would take place. On the way I got an enthusiastic greeting from teacher John Cummings, who had been my contact organizing the event and coordinating with Vista Hills. Positively royal treatment! And those weren't the only friendly faces. There was librarian Nora Davis, who had been one of our portrait station volunteers at our ETFO WRDSB event back at the end of November and then in walks teacher Laurie Beetham, who had hosted me for dinner on that same trip. ESL teacher (and staff shutterbug) Jeanette Voaden accompanied me down to the staff room to have a quick homemade snack and by the time I got back to the library, there was Michael Beetham, Laurie's husband and the educator who had consolidated a bunch of presentations for me in November in Kitchener, Waterloo and Cambridge. Michael is set to retire at the end of the school year but he figured this was the best chance to bring some of his students down from his own school to see the presentation one last time.

Since the presentation was in the smaller, less boom-y environs of the library, I didn't need the usual headset microphone really but Voyageur is not naturally a loud guitar so it would need a little help and there was nowhere to plug in on the portable system they had for the projector. Teacher Jason Walker sprung into action and tapped a student who lived nearby who he knew had a guitar amp at home. Within 10 minutes there was a Fender and we were set to go. For the first song in the performance pocket, Jason sang while teacher Simon Lewis played and harmonized on the Beatles' "Help" and then Simon took over solo for a rendition of Marvin Gaye's "What's Goin' On".

After the presentation, the students filed past, touching Voyageur and asking a ton of questions and then we hung out for a while doing many photos. I'm not sure I'm permitted to link to the gallery Jeanette sent me but there's some good ones in there so if you're interested just do a search for Abraham Erb on Google Photos and you may find them!

Thanks to principal Heather Schumann and all the staff, students and family who showed up for the presentation.

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