A DECENT Time with the @TrailerParkBoys

Jowi and Voyageur meet the Trailer Park Boys My good friend and erstwhile collaborator Bob Stamp moved to a nice little spot on the edge of Halifax a few years ago. As one of the premier lighting designers for live events, film and TV production in Canada - and with a burgeoning career as a producer - he soon found his services in demand in the budding Nova Scotia film biz. And, of course, one of Nova Scotia's main film and TV exports is the Trailer Park Boys so he eventually encountered their production company, Swearnet, too and ended up sharing the Six String Nation book with TPB showrunner, Preston Hudson. As Preston later told me, he's not only a guitar player, he's a "wood guy" - loves working with it, smelling it, feeling it, being around it - so he had a very natural interest in the project and got the Boys interested too.

The invitation to be on the Trailer Park Boys Podcast came very quickly - like, this-is-Tuesday-are-you-free-Thursday-? quickly. So I got myself on a Porter flight to Halifax yesterday and Bob picked me up at the airport.

We hung out in the greenroom for a bit talking to Preston and other passers-through while the Boys wrapped up another podcast and then we were lead up to the studio area. Before we actually got seated on the set, we talked through the show in the adjoining boardroom. I have to say, Robb Well, Mike Smith and John Paul Tremblay - the actors - were super nice and very normal guys, albeit a little bit burned out. They were on a marathon production schedule on the eve of a Scandinavian live tour - including a 4,500 seat venue in Oslo: who knew?

Of course once we got seated at the kitchen table set and tape was rolling, all it took was for Mike to put on his "Bubbles" glasses and all three were instantly in character. It was great to play along with Ricky, Bubbles and Julian in a completely ad-lib'd conversation but the highlight, of course, was to have Bubbles perform his classic, "Liquor & Whores" right there on Voyageur. At the end of our time together, I presented the Boys with a signed copy of my book and each of them presented me with a little something that I will write more about.................. in due time.

In the meantime, thanks to everyone at Swearnet for their kind hospitality and to Bob for getting the ball rolling and getting me from and to YHG for what was my briefest-ever trip to Nova Scotia!
If you'd like to check out the podcast episode, you'll find it here on iTunes and you should definitely check out the full range of TPB-related shows at SwearNet.com

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