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Colquitz players The Victoria Foundation certainly programmed a very busy Wednesday for me! It's probably a good thing I had an early night last night following a great dinner with my sister and niece at the wonderful Brasserie L'École on Government St. Not only were we due for an early start at Colquitz Middle School but the Foundation had also arranged for this to be an opportunity for local media to come and check things out. The Times-Colonist newspaper had sent someone out to yesterday's Government House event and they'd interviewed me over the phone the day before. First thing this morning it was CHEK TV. I'd actually heard about CHEK some months ago on the CANADALAND podcast. Launching as BC's first privately owned TV station at the end of 1956, CHEK became a near casualty of Canada's troubling media business concentration until it was rescued and revived as North America's first and only independent, employee-owned television station in 2009. We did a stand-up and they stuck around for the whole presentation and put together a nice little feature on Six String Nation's time in Victoria, which you can see here.

As for the presentation itself - it happened to be "Jersey Day" at Colquitz so many students and staff were wearing their favourite team jerseys (I was glad to see one teacher in a Leafs jersey) and that made it easy to figure out whose faces to watch when I got to the "Rocket" Richard part of the story! It was another super attentive audience with fine performances from student players Owen Bardy (pictured, left), who really nailed Radiohead's "Paranoid Android", Theo Zaalberg (centre) and Ty Reeve (right). You know, as a kid, the Chicago Blackhawks were my favourite team so I'm with Ty on the jersey choice. But - especially since Truth & Reconciliation is such an important part of the presentation - I hope that "Jersey Day" events at schools across Canada become an opportunity to talk about the #notyourmascot movement. And speaking of jerseys... the Colquitz Middle School baseball shirt they presented me as a gift after the presentation is already my favourite school swag ever!

Special thanks to principal Gord Mitchell, vice principal Sarah Khosla, the staff and students at Colquitz and Vee Cooper and her crew from CHEK.

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