Black Gold (Albert Ed, not Texas Tea)

J.E. Lapointe staff and students Principal John Mair of École Beaumont Composite High School in Alberta saw my presentation in February at the North Central Alberta Teachers Convention in Edmonton. For reasons that will become clear in my next post, John was anxious to bring the Six String Nation presentation back to Alberta this school year. In order to make it all feasible, he pulled together six schools in the Black Gold District to host presentations over three days this week. I arrived in Edmonton last night and hit the ground running this morning with my first presentation at J.E. Lapointe School, also in Beaumont.

With help from Shane, we got things set up pretty quickly and welcomed a gym full of the grade 7-8 students (to the customary sounds of Justin Rutledge). The presentation went very well and I got lots of comments afterwards from students taking pictures and touching Voyageur – with special attention paid to the Golden Spruce and (not surprisingly) Wayne Gretzky's hockey stick. Performance duties were handled by teacher Darren Maltais (pictured, left) and students Jack Lascelles (holding Voyageur) and Johnny Nelner (second from right). That's principal Marla Tonita on the far right.

Thanks to all the staff and students at J.E. Lapointe for such a warm welcome back to Alberta!

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